A public meeting in the barn

In the preparation of the local plan for the area of the future biogas plants in Balling the municipalliy urged the brothers to invite the neighbours to a meeting.

The municipality prepared a draft of a written invitation that the Madsen brothers edited and distributed among the 115 nearest residents to the biogas plant.

The meeting with the neighbors was held in Kim Madsen's barne , where about. 35 neighbors showed up.Boe Madsen went through all the details of the project and and tried to kill the myths about biogas, explaining how genes with transport and odor can be avoided.

Skive presented a 3D visualization of the project before the visitors promenaded to the future building site.

After the visit, the group walked back to the engine house where the Madsen brothers served coffee and cake and opened up for a dialogue, where the guests got answers to their questions and concerns about biogas.

The meeting was concluded with an invitation from the municipality of Skive to join a free bus trip 14 days later to Lemvig Biogas. 12 of the neighbors took part in the trip.

There were no objections to either the project or the local plan and the brothers feel that the meeting has helped to sharpen the neighbours attention and interest for the project.

However, Boe does not only give credit to the meeting. He believes that local people also know very well what the brothers and their families stand for. They are involved in numerous social activities and as he puts it “You make sure not to drive around with manure, when there is a local family gathering..

The brothers will continue to inform and involve the neighbors in the next steps in the project plans. Next time, however, they decided to invite the whole community- instead of only the nearest neighbors.