Samsoe and the Press

During the realization of the Renewable Energy Island project on Samsø it was decided to hire a journalist to participate in the marketing of the project.

At the same time Time Magazine heard of the activities that were going on the small island in the Kattegat and sent over a reporter. She was so excited about the project that she wrote a long article and the magazine appointed the project manager Søren Hermansen as one of environmental heroes of the year. This meant that a lot of other international journalists and film crews showed up - and instead of writing press releases the newly hired reporter stood in front of the camera telling the story of the island.

A history of the press still flock to the island to write and document.

Neither the failure of the COP 15 Climate Summit in Copenhagen nor the general climate fatigue seems to have silenced the interest.

The reason for this great interest is among other things, that it is a good and comprehensive story with builds in universal points.