The anchorage

After having struggled with completion of a successful project where the citizens actively have participated, one could think that the road have been paved for implementing new initiatives.

However lessons from the Samsø and elsewhere indicate that changes just doesn’t happen by itself. It requires both time and a long and persistent haul to achieve development through citizen involvement.

After the 10 -year project that ended in 2007, Samsø launched a version 2.0, where the island will show the world how to be fossils independent within the year of 2030.

Samso Energy Academy has been responsible for the preparation of a Master Plan focusing on biogas , transport and energy renovations. The Master Plan has on several occasions been presented to the islanders, including an Open Space event, held at one of the hotels on the island. Here more than 100 islanders showed up to discuss the future challenges and opportunities .

Since then a number of working has been formed, seeking to make the local citizens take ownership of the activities. Energy Academy follow the groups and is in close contact with key people in order to support the proceedings.

Although these processes take time, and it's difficult forcing the development of new projects, it is noticeable that the island citizens have tried it before. They know what it takes to organize and lift large projects.

As an example, the islanders recently have formed their own island Broadband - in protest against the poor Internet coverage on the island. Just within a few months they organized everything and now delivers high-speed Internet to around 800 households on the island.